OLT فایبرهوم AN5516-01

مرکز OLT فایبرهوم AN5516-01  یکی از مراکز پر ظرفیت شبکه های FTTH میباشد . این مراکز با قابلیت توسعه توسط کارت های الحاقی 16 پورت توانایی پشتیبانی از چندین هزار کاربر را خواهد داشت . این مرکز قابلیت ارائه انواع سرویس های تلفنی ، صوتی و تصویری ، VOIP , IPTV را دارا میباشد. 

Chassis (AN5516-01 functional chassis)
HU1A(uplink board with 1*10GE+4*GE)
HSWA(control board)
PWR(DC(-48v)power supply unit )



1. Standard Fiberhome OLT AN5516-01 OLT configuration:

1) 1 AN5516-01 Chassis
2) 2 HSUA control board
3) 2 PWRD DC Power board
4) 2 Uplink Card
5) 1 FAN
6) Power cable & Accessories

2. Key Features:

2.1 PON features
1) Unify platform for EPON/GPON/10G PON/P2P
2) Sharing service cards with AN5116-01
3) Up to 256 PON ports per chassis
4) Flexible uplink card :2*10GE+2*GE,1*STM-1, 32*E1

2.2 Reliability features
1) Core card 1+1 redundancy
2) OSPF dual homing
3) STP/RSTP/MSTP ring protection
4) Trunk/LACP for uplink protection

Product Specifications:

Uplink Interface
Up to 2*10GE+ 2*GE optical uplink with SFP
Up to 6×GE optical uplink with SFP

PON Port Interface
GPON port complying with Class C+ for ODN

EPON 1000BASE-PX10/PX20 port for ODN
Up to 60km Max Reach

SC/PC Connector
Support G.652/G.657 Single mode Fiber

Optical Line Rate
Upstream/Downstream data rate: 1.244G/2.488G for GPON
Upstream/Downstream data rate: 1.25G/1.25G for EPON

Ethernet service
CATV service
NGN voice (MGCP/H.248/SIP)
TDM service
Broadcast services for IPTV
VOD unicast

Core Switch Capacity

20 slots & 16 service slots

Capacity (Per service card)
8/16 PON ports per EPON service card 8/16 PON ports per GPON service card

Environment Requirement
Operating temperature: -10°C~55°C
Storage temperature: -40°C~65°C
Ambient humidity 5%~95%

Dimensions (W*D*H )

Chassis weight (Fully Loaded)
35kg (Full Loaded)

TX 1490nm(1550nm)/ RX 1310nm

Power Consumption (full configured)
880W (Full Loaded)

Power Supply
-48V DC ( -40V~ -57V)
(Two power cards per subrack for redundancy)

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