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Engineering Process Description This Document represents engineering process description of Pardisan Houper Group, regards to design of necessary system (mechanical and extra low voltage) of project. The main goal is to create guide lines for all designs.

1 Bird Repellent Solution Introduction Each year businesses, government agencies and individuals spend thousands of dollars cleaning up after and repairing damage caused by pest birds. Nesting and roosting birds leave behind debris and droppings that can cause serious damage to materials, metals etc. Bird droppings are acidic and can quickly erode materials. Along with the damage pest bird’s causes to materials, their feces can carry any of 60 transmittable diseases. These diseases can be harmful to children and others with compromised immune systems. It is important to install safe and humane bird control products before pest birds are able to cause problems.
Electronic bird repellent devices produce extremely effective audio and visual threats that frighten, irritate, and disorient birds, forcing them to seek calmer, untreated areas. Electronic bird deterrents condition pest birds to stay away from treated areas for good.

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